April 2, 2019


The D1 by Audioengine is a bit kHz audio interface with a built-in digital- to-analog converter. Offering both USB and optical inputs, the D1 is ideal for. Audioengine D1 Back. Audioengine D1 Fantastic, plug-and-play sound for your computer and powered speakers. Crutchfield: Audioengine Desktop Audio. Find great deals for Audioengine D1 Premium bit DAC / Headphone Amp. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I was listening via poor sounds cards, crummy PC speakers and mp3s on iPods. Some how during the digital translation I lost the proper listening equipment. With a good DAC you will get the best possible result. So I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for great sound for a very reasonable price. Pros – Sound quality.

Audioengine D1 review | What Hi-Fi?

The device has pre-amped RCA outputs, so you can control the volume. I don’t need any equalization – the sound is that good.

The D1 by Audioengine is a bit kHz audio interface with a built-in digital-to-analog converter. In my opinion, this is as good as the unit of several times more expensive ones. If anything, the humble D1 blew the HiFiMan away.

Some have questioned why a solid state device needs a break-in. It delivers clean clear accurate sound. With the HD, 12 O’Clock was normal listening level. Be the first to review this item. Fine tuning your software is more of a challenge, but that’s not the D1’s fault. Cons – Slightly underpowered for hard to drive headphones, no marking on volume knob. The d1, on the other hand was perfectly auduoengine at all levels.


Especially given that I will sometimes move this around, it was easy for the audioenginr knob to be turned way up, without knowing. Isn’t the notion that it hits above it’s weight class a pro and not a con? Yes, my password is: Nice black background with no noise whatsoever. Cons – You need a separate amp for more demanding headphones, broke after two years.

Multi-Faceted Component The D1 is a flexible interface to go between your computer and speakers, headphones or both.

The next requirement to use a DAC is software that plays your music files. I purchased this unit because I wanted something to go with my laptop and Audioengine 2 speakers. It provides plenty of current that lower ohm headphones need. How does sudioengine resolve 24bit files? With tough to drive headphones, it’s merely “good” and not superb. By aidioengine to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. You can always spend big bucks later you’ll end up upgrading your whole system.

It really sounds great and the design is so simple and functional. There’s a lot of mediocre stuff on CD’s and that can’t be helped. My expectations were that the HiFiMan would sound better and look better on my desk while the Audioengine would be more easily transportable.

Of course not, don’t be silly. The D1 is designed to improve the sound of your audio system by utilizing higher quality DACs. Simply Excellent at any price, fantastic at this price!

Digital to analog conversion: A further benefit of the D1 is that auioengine you plug your headphones in, it cuts the non-amped out. Line level ouputs use very high quality gold plated RCA jacks.

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Audioengine D1 Premium 24-bit DAC / Headphone Amp

Best results will be acheived with high quality music files. That ranges from a large library of opera to the most delicate piano sonatas. It’s almost cheap considering the quality and what it could do.

D1 is great for listening to orchestral music. I hooked the unit up briefly and it works fine with no pops or noise. Now more and more music is available for download in FLAC and other lossless formats and audioengjne high bit rates. International orders are processed the next shipping day. Gorgeous looks and build quality. I am by no means an audiophile but have always enjoyed music.

The USB connector on the back of the D1 is flimsy. As I don’t do critical listening at work, I audioengihe need the highest level of audio quality, but I needed something small and portable so that I could easily put it in my briefcase when leaving for the weekends, etc.

It took me a few years to discover why I wasn’t enjoying my music listening experience anymore. Keeping products simple while maintaining a high standard of excellence seems to be the overarching goal at Audioengine, and the D1 is no exception. Further, there is a smoothness to the highs audooengine really is pleasant. That’s not to say that the connector itself is loose. Audioenggine really dig the the D1.