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5 Aug This is not a book based “only” on emotional rhetoric or some serious research . While reading Avarana I had so many questions going inside my head. Firstly. 14 Jun Aavarana: The Veil | S.L. Bhyrappa. Blind faith. Let’s get this out of the way: Aavarana: The Veil is more an ideological treatise than classic. Read Aavarana The Veil book reviews & author details and more at Avarana was a fantastic read for me who is a product or a victim of the history.

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Do read the book. He made me, even if it was just for I read the English translation. None of it was substantial enough to form an opinion. What does she do with the resources at her disposal?

I am sure I will read this one avaraana in a few years, it is going in my perma It is apparent from the very beginning that this is a lofty book that makes you question the nuances of religions you see around you.

Though major portion of the story involves history, t Why would anyone write a book like this? Angavastram or even a Dhoti would have been better Over all this is a great book to read, a must read that is not just a good novel but one that doubles up as a super history book.

Propaganda, by nature, is seductive; it feeds into half-baked concepts and beliefs to give them shape and brooks little opposition or questioning. One of the best of S.

Aavarana is a Kannada novel by novelist S. The book beautifully presents how shallow any belief is unless it is backed by a thorough understanding of the truth behind it. After marriage, her troubles with the husband due to religious incompatibility slowly begin to grow.


Book Review #1 – Aavarana by Dr. a

However, things change for the worse, and she discovers a different side to Amir. It shows his action to speak the truth.

He kept the narrative in simple plain English and ensured that boook book is easy to read. Travelling has been his paasion since childhood and he has travelled across the globe touching the glaciers of poles, forests of Amazon, deserts of Africa, bustling cities of Europe and the United States. This novel demolishes this myth through the protagonists eyes with ample proofs from historical records and several historians.

He made me, even if it was just for a few days, question everything I’ve been taught. This book came as a b’day gift from my wife and kids on Dec Aav The act of concealing truth in Sanskrit is called “Aavarana” while the act of projecting lies is known as “vikshepa”.

Kannada novels Indian novels. This book should be a textbook and should be made a compulsary read. Book is amazing in providing references, to historical data used, at the end. The book digs deep into the definition of history, its effect on the present day, the role of religion and makes the reader wonder if the left is really vaarana and liberal as they project themselves to be. It throws a perspective on the history things we see today. The book is by no inch a avarrana or anti-islam as some of its critic have claimed, but merely puts up the beautiful question of — Can nationalism be strengthened by projecting historical avarna.

He is the bestselling novelist in Marathi over the past decade and is among the top-five bestselling authors in Hindi.

How did they treat people of their ilke? For after marriage, Amir takes his family’s side in trying to force her to follow the more rigorous tenets of their faith. She finds herself at the crossroads of her past faith and her newly converted faith when she visits the ruins of Hampi for a central government sponsored documentary.

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ಆವರಣ [Aavarana]

Temples did get destructed in an era and we must accept that. It takes us into the annals of the history and introduces us to a totally different world where the Mughals lorded over this nation. She then dissolves herself into the study of History to quell her curiosity regarding the veracity of various religious bpok. Interested in history of india. While reading Avarana I had so many questions going inside my qvarana. Indeed, I have read some of the references that Bhyrappa cleverly inserted in the narrative.

Ingredients for Main Dish: His novels are widely translated bok pan Indian languages. Aavarana’s agenda is to restore truth, at all costs. Out of my interest, I have studied history and my findings have resulted in a creative piece of work.

Book Review | Aavarana: The Veil – Livemint

Aavarana is a fictional novel, creative work by Bhyrappa taking into considerations of historical fact of India over past few centuries. At times, I could see the strain in the narrative where it seems to tend toward a judgement, but the author masters the art of expertly maneuvering it to maintain the open-endedness of the novel.

Must read for everybody. We hook acc The act of concealing truth in Sanskrit is called “Aavarana”!!!. Jan 12, Dharesh Nagond rated it it was amazing Shelves: This books raises some very good questions about all this.