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New, first-time color facsimile. Vincenzo Capirola Lutebook Compositione di Meser Vincenzo Capirola gentil homo Bresano. ca. [Ms Newberry Library. All we need is the price of a paperback book to sustain a library the whole world trusts. We have . Identifier imslp-lutebook-capirola-vincenzo. Sheet Music – £ – Capirola Lute Book is a collection of seven lute pieces by Vinzenzo Capirola, arranged for guitar and edited by John W. Duarte.

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I had the very good fortune to examine the actual manuscript in May And to Rob, thanks, too, for that interesting info about Scottish music. A few bureaucratic steps and hurdles first: I went back over to the librarian. The only criticism I would have of Vitale’s skill was that his drawings of birds in flight are unrealistic: It not only displays one of the most exquisite lute music ever but, as you point it so well, fantastic drawings.

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. No idea when that would have been, as there is no indication of Vitale’s age given anywhere.

Replace the staples with thread, and there you have it. An occasional reptile is also represented. A terribly bored early twenty-something fellow was sitting at the desk. But on reflection there are many older professor-types doing research there, who may not be computer-literate.

Nine AM on gray and misty Saturday, I was there. Maria’s assistant luute back in, empty handed, booj speaks to her.

The Capirola Lute Book « Walter Bitner

Opening the box, my first reaction is one of surprise. The tablature itself has been entered with great care and it is much more legible than many lute manuscripts. But I think it’s a worthwhile tale anyway, so here it is.


It is very thick, almost like a card stock. There are extremely fine lines, less than a hair’s-breadth it seems. I don’t lyte on this, time is my foe here and the clock is ticking away. Then the Reformation exploded.

However, Capirola’s seems to be an isolated example. I thanked the second fellow, gave the first one a nasty look, and toddled upstairs. We recorded items from Thomas Woode’s books, and very fine it was too. Much of the leaf is worn away, cxpirola a lot of it is still there.

Capirola Lutebook

They were the ground breakers, everyone afterward has seemed to me to be filling in the gaps. The music varies in difficulty from very easy pieces intended, as Vitale observes, for teaching purposes to virtuosic toccata-like works. So I filled out the little card, took it to the next desk. Music Printer to the King: I wanted to see the pictures in it, which are not legible on the facsimile.

But he told me that the original was on the fourth floor, in the Special Collections. Fine music it contains. Someone comes up behind me.

Clearly Gombosi had done considerable work in researching Vicenzo Capirola’s life and family biographies, but the dry fact that his sister’s name had appeared on some obscure ducal tax record in or something of this nature was not of any real importance to me. I don’t know that much about early 16th century bookmaking practices.

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There are 42 folios ; the manuscript begins with a short note by its creator, one Vitale Vidalpupil of Capirola’s. After more than a decade of teaching, conducting research, and writing in Budapest, Berlin, Rome, and Basel he immigrated to the United States in But it is an important source of English Country dance music, and many modern editions of it exist.

Did seeing the Capirola Lute Book change my life? Nearly all the beasts shown seem very authentic even the mythics! The ending bars of many of the pieces are highly stylized and colored: The book is available online as a free pdf download at various sites it’s pages long.

Board index All times are UTC. Chickens and roosters, and numerous birds of prey also. Views Read Edit View history. A Survey of the Solo Lute Recordings: So back up, via an elevator this time, back to Maria’s desk. Bears also, not something normally associated with Italy but doubtless common enough in its time. Envelope 3, and all the subsequent ones except the last which holds the back leather cover, basically identical to the front onecontain the mother lode: In the music section, the same piece is called “Balleto dare ballare” A Dance for Dancing.

The remaining pieces are dances: Before I could finish, he handed me a little yellow card and said “fill-this-out-in-pencil-and-return-it-to-the-next-desk-thank-you”.