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Hell on Earth Figures: Horrors of the Wasted West – This pack includes all the deadly It is what you would expect, stand-ups for Deadlands: Wasted West. Deadlands: Hell on Earth: The Wasted West (PEG) [Shane Lacy Hensley, Ron Spencer, Charles Ryan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Deadlands, Weird West, Wasted West, Hell on Earth, the Deadlands: Hell on Earth logo, the Hell on Earth sublogo, the Pinnacle Starburst, and the Pinnacle logo.

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These radios can also contact satellites in low-Earth orbits. So shut up, and check your ammo. I know that look. It takes eight actions to jam powder and some assorted junk into the barrel. The grenade has a Burst Radius of 5. Or I can make the poor sap fall in love with me. Players take on the roles of characters struggling to survive the nightmarish wasteland that the Reckoners left behind. The more the bullet deforms, the less likely it is to blow through a target, and the more likely it is to transfer all of its energy to the poor schmuck who caught it.

When fired, the powder charge in the casing propels the round from the gun and ignites the fuel in the shell. A lot of raiders watch for lone riders delivering goods. Eventually, War tired of his easy victories and was the first of the Reckoners to cross the Mississippi. Wind lost to hunger or dehydration can only be replaced by food or water.

They linked together, turning the Earth into one great, big pit of fear. If she fails the roll, she goes into a berserk frenzy, allowing her to make two hand-to-hand attacks each action. Treat them as frangible rounds for damage purposes see page Batteries, watches, compasses, ammo—even a rifle or two. When it wears off, the user must make a Hard 9 Vigor check or take a wound to the guts. Then Pakistan launched a single tac-nuke at their longtime enemy, India. At worst, your hero is doomed.


Of course, these high doses could actually harm a careless user, and the drug was carefully regulated before the Apocalypse. The victims die less than a week after being infected, then come back as little more than a voracious monster that only looks like your Aunt Minnie.

Pepper apparently contains a chemical thought to reduce radiation. Everyone within that area must make an Incredible 11 Vigor roll to avoid being stunned.

Deadlands: Hell on Earth Classic | Product categories | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

This secondary damage has a Burst Radius of 5. First atomic ghost rock bomb unveiled by Dr. His whole village got wiped out by the white man, and he carried a wawted to Hell and back. You can imagine just how tense everyone was about ghost rock running out.

Deadlands: Hell on Earth Classic

Smoke grenades come in a variety of colors for use in signaling. This means the laser beam is invisible to the naked IW—40 This rifle was the standard weapon of the British infantry in North America.

The farther one gets from the ruins of Salt Lake City, the more expensive they become. Although it lacks the punch of many larger guns, its low recoil and high ammo capacity make it a popular backup weapon among wasteland warriors. Evidently, things were pretty dismal back then—kind of like now. The modifier for this is —2 for large weapons like spears or rifles, —4 for small weapons like pistols or knives. The butt of the rifle also contains a small casting kit which can be used to manufacture more bullets in the field out of any soft metal like lead or silver.

This can be used to clear small obstacles. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


A typical rack holds six radios and recharges one unit to the battery every 30 minutes as long as the rack has power. Power drain is one charge per five minutes of operation.

When he got there, he found the city in ruins, just like everywhere else, except for one curious section on the outskirts of the Mile High City. Walkie-Talkie These are small, handheld units about the size of a deadoands phone. The cloud lasts 12 rounds under ideal conditions. Even a couple of regular nukes were detonated—like the one in Kansas City, MO.

Taser This small, pistol-shaped weapon is nonlethal. The Marshal can roll randomly or choose based on the wedt. This means your deaslands has come over to Hell on Earth from our sister game, Deadlands: Each bullet produced consumes a casing and a percussion cap. In most metropolitan areas, smart highways incorporated power pickups in the roadway allowing electric cars to travel without expending any wxsted their stored power. This rifle suffers no penalty for firing multiple bursts on a single action.

Reloading a cap-and-ball weapon requires three actions per chamber. In the stock of the rifle is a small, electrically-powered vapor collector which extracts the volatile fumes from a chunk of ghost rock. SA assault rifle and 50 rounds. Deadlands Science fiction role-playing games Post-apocalyptic role-playing games Role-playing games introduced in Not like you can read anyhow.

The hollow slugs fired by this pistol deform easily on impact. They used to say that whoever controlled the ghost rock controlled the world. Ugly as Sin —3: