October 6, 2019


Desmodromic valve drive was often justified by claims that springs could not close valves reliably. There was once a time when Desmodromic valve technology was cutting edge and a necessary competitive advantage for Ducati in racing. Ducatisti around the world know that the red bikes have desmo valves. Not all of them can tell you what that means, exactly. The Greek words.

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Email Required, but never shown. This can lead to several problems. Something better than metal springs was needed, and Ducati, bywas ready to win the cc rpm race. That is, as the valve lifts, the pressure under the gas piston rises steeply, allowing valve return force to be very much greater at full lift than when the valve is on its seat.

In traditional sprung-valve actuation, as engine speed increases, the momentum of the valve will eventually overcome the spring’s ability to close it completely before the piston reaches TDC top dead centre.

Joe is an journalist, who write primarily about politics in and around motorsport, specifically on the FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

Ducati motorcycles with desmodromic valves have won numerous races and championships, including Superbike World Championships from toβ€”96, β€”99,β€”04,and Ducati Meccanica, the motorcycle division, was questioning its very existence.

Valve float is an adverse condition which occurs when the poppet valves on an internal combustion engine valvetrain do falve remain in contact with the camshaft lobe during the valve closure phase of the cam lobe profile. The future of desmodromic valves is DVT, but I think there’s more. Technical reviews and explanations of some in-car gadgets. In this way, any lost energy is negligible, the performance curves are more uniform and dependability is better.

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This allows combustion gases to escape prematurely, leading to a reduction in cylinder pressure which causes a major decrease in engine performance. The new Hypermotard offers pure fun and adrenaline.


Multistrada S D Air. This creates significant problems for engine efficiency and wear. Service and Maintenance Services.

The encounters of two opposite worlds: He began in the s by designing Ducati singles, and in designed the prototype V4 Ducati Apollo. In Herbert Austin decided to build a Marine engine that at the time was very advanced. And while the overall efficiency possible in a Desmodromic design can not be achieved in current applications it’s main advantage, greater power output, can be achieved at less expense by using four or more valves per cylinder.

Trevor is a civil engineer B. The new Hypermotard is the perfect choice both for moving in traffic and having fun outside the city. As well, production vehicles have employed asymmetrical cam lobe profiles since the late s, as seen in the Ford V8.

Ducati: Moto, MotoGP & Superbike

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati uses the desmodromic springless valve system to counter this problem and allow for higher engine speeds. Maximum performance was the order of the day β€” racers rode hard and beat the engines within an inch of their lives, just like today. Certainly Ford’s was the more lucrative offer, but Ducati offered something Ford could never offer. As such, valve springs would often break.

Mercedes Benz didn’t drop the idea of the desmodromic valve actuation because it performed better in ways that made the additional complexities worthwhile.

BySuzuki was changing springs in its MotoGP engines every night. The highest peak of technology and Ducati design to reach the maximum perfomances. Finally, Fabio Taglioni, an engineer for a now well-known motorcycle company, brought the desmodromic valve system into relative cultural fame. For now, though, desmo valves are an engineering solution of the past that is part of Ducati’s identity in the present. What are the benefits to removing valve springs from the valve train?


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Enter the Land of Joy. It produce bhp and was installed in a speed-boat called “Irene I” which was named after his eldest daughter who had married Colonel Waite. Servicing Duc valv isn’t appreciably harder than any other make, and they’ve gotten their adjustment intervals to a point where I feel they’re pretty reasonable relative to conventional poppet valves.

Views Read Edit View history. The all aluminium twin ohv engine had twin magneto, twin carburetor and desmodronic valves. This is great when a car is going fast, but engines with stiffer springs have to work harder at lower RPMs, resulting in worse fuel economy and greater wear on the engine and valvetrain.

High speed photography showed that at specific resonant speeds, valve springs were no longer making contact at one or both ends, leaving the valve floating before crashing into the cam on closure. In sprung-valve engines the traditional remedy for valve float is to stiffen the springs. Contrary to opinion, Ducati did not invent the desmo valvetrain.

It will help your reputation score that, as it increases, allows access ddesmodromic various features of the site. If not, we shut down and everyone goes home.

Desmodromic valve – Wikipedia

The new graphics give the Monster unique personality and style. Ducatis had humble origins and the company hasn’t forgotten its roots. Many of the reasons why modern cars have rev limiters draw back to cam and spring valve systems. Anyway, in desmodromic valve sistem there is a small spring.

I agree that part of why they continue to use it is nostalgia and that the Ducatisti drive the loyalty to the mechanism, much like HD owners and their special V-Twins.