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Displays a list of messages or message if using a string. Vuetify includes simple validation through the rules prop. Note that these events will not be fired if the slot is used instead. Callback for appended outer icon when clicked. Changes the background-color of the input. Text field label can be defined in label slot teextu that will allow to use HTML content.

Append and prepend icon props are not supported texyu this mode. Displays linear progress bar. Callback for prepended icon when clicked. Callback for appended icon when clicked.

The hint property on text fields adds the provided string beneath the text field.

Appends an icon to the outside of v-text-field ‘s input, uses same syntax as v-icon. The prop accepts an array of callbacks. A password input can be used with an appended icon and callback to control the visibility. You can use the default indeterminate progress having same color as the text field or designate a custom one using the progress slot. Using either a pre-made or custom rules, you can optionally format and validate specific character sets.

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Applies the outline style to the input. When clearableyou can customize the clear icon with clear-icon. Delays validation until blur event. Removes elevation shadow added to element when using the solo or solo-inverted props. Apply a custom character mask to the input. Puts the input in a manual error state. Desginates input type as full-width. This callback should return either true or a Stringthe error message.

Text, A Text, Texts

Reverses the input orientation. Text fields can validate against character masks. Puts the input in an error state and passes through custom error messsages.

Using persistent-hint keeps the hint visible when the text field is not focused. See mask table below for more information.

Creates counter for input length; if no number is specified, it defaults to Applied when using clearable and the input is dirty. Does not apply any validation. Use a counter prop to inform a user of the character limit.

Changes the style of the input. Can either be a String which specifies which txetu is applied to the progress bar any material color or theme color – primarysecondarysuccesseritciawarningerror or a Boolean which vv the component color set by color prop – if it’s supported by the component or the primary color. Textarea text field with alternate style. Applies specified color to the control – it can be the name of material color for example success or purple or css color or rgba0, 0, 0.

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Replaces the default fditcia. Below is an example implementation of a custom form with validation. Deprecated in — v1. You will need to pair it with either the internal validation system, or a 3rd party library.

Accepts an array of functions that return either True or a String with an error message.

Text fields —

Sets the component height. Emitted when the input is changed by user interaction. Callback for clear icon when clicked. In this example, we use a v-divider to separate the fields. While validating rules, the current v-model value will be texti to the callback.

Add input clear functionality, default icon is Material Icons clear.

Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor.

Hides eritcia, validation errors. Applies the light theme variant. While the built in v-form or 3rd party plugin such as vuelidate or vee-validation can help streamline your validation process, you can choose to simply control it yourself.

Will be combined with any validations that occur from the rules prop.

Hint prop is not supported in solo mode. Full width text fields allow you to create boundless inputs. Applies the alternate box input style. You can add icons to the text field with prepend-iconappend-icon and append-outer-icon props.