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Along the way, it addresses many topics on the metaphysics of time and identity. These include Four-Dimensionalism. An Ontology of Persistence and Time. Four- Dimensionalism defends the thesis that the material world is composed of temporal as well as spatial parts. This defense includes a novel account of. Four-Dimensionalism: An Ontology of Persistence and Time. Kathrin Koslicki. Kathrin Koslicki. Search for other works by this author on.

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Against Rea on Presentism and Fatalism. Burke – – Philosophy persistencd Phenomenological Research 54 3: In Four-DimensionalismTed Sider presents an accessible but rigorous, highly original, and admirably fair discussion of several of these questions as they relate to the popular debate concerning the thesis associated with the title of the book — informally, the thesis that objects have temporal parts.


Four- Dimensionalism defends the thesis that the material world is composed of temporal as well as spatial parts. An ontology of persistence and time. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

Sider does not exaggerate the shortcomings of these alternative resolutions, but he does plainly expose them — and in my view successfully shows why Four-Dimensionalism is the most plausible lesson to extract from investigation of these puzzles.

Yuri Balashov – – The Monist 83 3: No keywords specified fix it. Three- and Four-Dimensionalism Stated 4. These paradoxes arise from the prima if plausible view that two objects cannot coincide spatially, and share all of their parts.

An Ontology of Persistence and Time. And in spacetimes lacking this structure, it is impossible to state that some present event takes place at the same place as some past event.

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The rst is about what there is. All the World’s a Stage. Another is to deny that there are coinciding three-dimensional objects, either for the reason that one of the objects falls under a dominant sortal, or be- cause identity can be temporal.

Such presentists should take heart for they will find something congenial in this chapter aimed against them; for although Sider is clearly less than optimistic about the wisdom of this course of action, he does offer descriptive fokr-dimensionalism about how such revisions might be constructed. The stage view, it turns out, solves these puzzles by letting us attend to the Fs themselves, count by identity, and get ot appears to be the proper answer.

Four-dimensionalism: An ontology of persistence and time | Orao Orakwusi –

Kathrin Koslicki – – Philosophical Studies Arguments offered in favour of four- dimensionalism include novel arguments based on time travel, the debate between spacetime substantivalists and relationalists, and vagueness. A rather better objection: Choose your country or region Close.

He criticizes all these views and compares them with four-dimensionalism. An Ontology of Persistence and Time because temporal parts are differently colored. The answer is, of course, that the object has these properties at different times. Presistence well-known puzzles seem to challenge that view.

Kelly Trogdon – – Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 94 4: Four-Dimensionalism defends the thesis that the material world is composed of temporal as well as spatial parts.

For the record, the presentists I know best are perfectly willing to take seriously the suggestion that we revise science on the basis of a priori reflection on the nature of time. Of course, we might observe that the stage view can boast a few other advantages over the orthodox view as well, including being better supported by the argument from temporary intrinsics and being immune to the modal argument designed to force a union between the orthodox view and counterpart theory.


Which, for example, are the persons? In the case of Theseus’ ship there are two ships of Theseus, which share the temporal parts in which Theseus originally set out his journey to Crete to defeat the Minotaur.

Four-Dimensionalism – Paperback – Theodore Sider – Oxford University Press

Two other alternatives are based on an alternative account of constitution: If you would like to cite this article, please do so as follows: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Therefore, any tensed statement can be reduced to some tenseless statement, or, at least, has tenseless truth-conditions.

Arguments against Four-Dimensionalism Bibliography, Index. Presentists believe that only present things exist, whereas eternalists think that also past and future things exist, even though they do not exist now.

Fundamental Quantification and the Language of the Ontology Room. Help Center Find new research papers in: The text proper is divided into i a sustained argument against the doctrine of presentism, thus clearing the way for eternalism which then serves as a backdrop for the rest of the book [chapter 2]; ii a careful formulation of and introduction to our competitors — Three-Dimensionalism and Four-Dimensionalism [chapters 1 and 3]; iii a critical evaluation of the case for Four-Dimensionalism [chapters 4 and 5], and iv a critical evaluation of the case against Four-Dimensionalism [chapter 6].