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The Supreme Doctrine is rich and dense in its explanation of how the individual man forms and matures. Benoit refers to this process as the pattern of our natural . The Supreme Doctrine has 25 ratings and 3 reviews. Dr. Hubert Benoit, a psychotherapist in WWII France, was inclined to call it a deep existential dread in the. 1 quote from The Supreme Doctrine: Psychological Studies in Zen Thought: ‘My organism is a link in the immense chain of cosmic cause and effect, and I ca.

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A directory of items following the introductory remarks: Zeb rated it it was amazing Feb 13, Murilo Hildebrand de Abreu marked it as to-read Apr 05, The Research Publishing Co. Or “Great doubt, great effort.

Hubert Benoit: Makes my head hurt, but probably good for you

Letters of Aldous Huxley, edited by Grover Smith. This comes in the form of loss of pride, dignity or self-respect. For this contraction of muscles to occur, cells in the medulla oblongata have to be active, or “doing. Your email address will not be published.

But what happens when the compensatory images don’t cooperate, as in a rebuff by a loved one? Our value judgments elevate one aspect of reality at the expense of a truer composite picture. Aziz marked it as to-read Oct 31, Jun 29, Fergus rated it liked it.

The Supreme Doctrine: Psychological Studies in Zen Thought (Second Edition)

So the screen onto which we project our imaginative film, the project we have made out of ourselves, is actually threatened by everything that it is not: The Light of Zen in the West: There’s a Zen saying that as soon as you have good and evil, confusion results and the mind is lost.


The truth, according to Benoit and to Zen, is that this paradise is not something past or future but has always been our state and is our eternal being.

Zen, or any system of facing ourselves rather than running away from ourselves, accelerates the process. The New York Times.

The Supreme Doctrine Quotes

A perception then springs forth in which is manifested the totality of self and not-self without any discrimination between them. The Supreme Doctrine is considered a doctrinee in Zen literature, at least among Westerners. Our inner conflict really heats up around puberty, when our psychosomatic organism, or body-mind, forms an intellectual ability to see things from someone else’s point of view. Martin Lind marked it as to-read Dec 26, In one of her two books Charlotte Joko Beck says that Zen and the Psychology of Transformation, Dovtrine Supreme Doctrine, was more important to her than any teacher in the flesh.

The key to change is either through shock, as in the case of the rebuff above, or from an extended period of ordinary living, since compensatory images eventually lose their effectiveness.

Our inner conflict arises around age two, at which time our psychosomatic organism matures to the point where the concept spreme that we are a distinct being separated from the outside world. Becoming conscious of that state is not something that will be available to us in the future but is offered to us from this moment, at every moment. Mary Kathryn rated it it was amazing Feb 20, To my mind, The Supreme Doctrine does exactly what it wants to warn against: Hubert Benoit’s Reasoned Formulation of Zen.


If you enjoyed the previous quote, then by all means read his book. Hubert Benoit — was a 20th-century French psychotherapist whose work foreshadowed subsequent developments in integral psychology and integral spirituality. Not-doing There’s a Zen saying that there is nothing to be done.

Next the emotional center is transformed by Hope: Zen says, for example,: We see that we’re not omniscient, not unchanging, etc. Now picture a triangle with the love-hate line as the base.

There is never voctrine money, love, etc. If they stir your interest to the point of reading the book, be forewarned that you may not find it easy reading.

What Benoit tells us is that if we can view both love and hate with an impartial eye, we may be able to triangulate to a point of observation where a conciliation of opposites occurs, which yields understanding. Dillon Wackerman rated it it was amazing Jul 26, An analogy he uses is that of contracting and relaxing a muscle.

Published August 19th by Sussex Academic Press first published By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When Huxley’s library was destroyed by fire inThe Supreme Doctrine was among the books that he singled out for replacement [13].

Then any image can represent adequately the totality of my inner universe. Trivia About The Supreme Doctr Do you already have an account?