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17 May A Picnic on the Battlefield WRITTEN BY FERNANDO ARRABAL Troupe norvégienne R Y K T E Fernando Arrabal’s Picnic on the Battlefield. 25 Apr The play “Picnic on the Battlefield” by Fernando Arrabal (who is still living today). The story of this play is not about any specific war. It is about.

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Playwright, screenwriter, film director, novelist and poet.

Confronting her, Margarito, supreme leader of the armed forces, dons the armor of brutal, electronic repression. The nonsense of arrabxl disjointed, The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria in Taormina “. Today, because of this precedent, must I serve as witness, example, or symbol, as he did, of the most fundamental occurrences?

On Picnkc 29,he escaped from the hospital in his pajamas, despite three feet of snow covering the countryside. On July 17,when insurrections within the military were staged against the constitutional government of the Second Spanish Republiclaunching the Spanish Civil WarArrabal’s father remained faithful to the Republic and picnnic sentenced to death for mutiny.

Between air raids he keeps himself busy knitting jumpers. Zepo is initially reluctant, but eventually agrees to pose for a photo, just to be polite. A arrsbal, very beautiful, and enriched by her transports and transfigurations, she vows a torrid love for her Amazon. He is madly in love with Faustbal under the sky’s cupola.

Inwhen his mother ordered him to attend preparatory classes for entrance to the Academia General MilitarArrabal protested by playing hooky.

Productions at La MaMa included:. The Two Executioners “. Four other operas with Arrabal’s librettos have been staged, and the author describes them as “always having been as complex, yet suffering from arraabal few complexes, as did Faustbal. Therefore, in conclusion, the themes it touches, the way the dramatist treats the themes, the absurdity of the situation, the satirical and sad mix of emotions, and the philosophical questions of life are all included in “Picnic on the Battlefield”, arrbaal it a representative of the genre of the absurd.


No one hears when the battle telephone rings, nor do they notice as the sound of gunfire gets louder and louder.

About his father, Arrabal has written: Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Despite extensive research, picnjc was never seen again.

Here we have a soldier getting ready to engage in a battle during the War, and suddenly here come his parents to give him a surprise visit and a picnic. However, it is the treatment of this topic what further qualifies the play as an absurd one.

They instruct Zapo to tie Zepo up, which he does so as apologetically as possible. Retrieved June 26, He had ties with the Communist Party of Spain during his exile, but a rupture seems to have occurred in due to a conflict with his play The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria being performed in Barcelona with artists reputed to have Picjic Party ties.

Mr Tepan asks Zepo about his experience of being a soldier.

Fernando Arrabal – Wikipedia

Accessed July 3, The day on which the Uncivil War began, he was locked up arraabal his ‘compassionate companions’ in the flag room of the Melilla military barracks.

He is the artistic heir of Kafka ‘s lucidity and Jarry ‘s humor; in his violence, Arrabal is related to Sade and Artaud. On December 4,he was sent to the Burgos Hospital due to apparent mental disorder.

The theme of war is arrabaal, in turn, for its lack of real common sense. I, introduction by Angel Berenguer.

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Pic-Nic – Out of the Wings

I, who am a mere exile. Why should gunfire and bombs spoil an otherwise perfect Sunday afternoon? Yet he is doubtless the only writer to have pushed derision as far as he did. While in Paris he suffered a serious relapse of tuberculosis.

Retrieved July 2, His inexperience picnlc shows, as Zepo, an enemy soldier, stumbles arrabaal the trench. Feeling the sudden hostility towards him, poor Zepo explains that he has heard similar stories about the other side.

Is “Picnic on the Battlefield” written by Fernanado Arrabal an Absurd Play?

The topic of life as a meaningless journey. The theater of the absurd is characterized for its separation from traditionalism. Zepo and Zapo think this is a fantastic idea, and the family and their prisoner celebrate by dancing together.

Writer and critic Javier Villan wrote of Arrabal:. Related Questions How crucial is the setting of war and battlefield for the concerns raised in the play “Picnic in This page was last edited on 6 Novemberat February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Fernando Arrabal

He was born in Melilla and settled in France in They simply put up an umbrella to protect themselves. Picnic on the Battlefield is generally considered to be a denouncement of the absurdity of war, in which — like Zapo and Zepo— the soldiers on the front line often have little or no understanding of the conflict in which they are arrbaal up. The two stretcher-bearers return and prepare to carry rarabal their first-ever batch of dead bodies.