December 6, 2018


Lyric of tamil song Shyamala Dandakam from tamil movie SHYAMALA DANDAKAM in english. 17 Jul Translation in to english of Hindu Prayers written in Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam Shyamala Dandakam is perhaps the greatest stotra written by him Shyamala Dandakam is supposed to be the first prayer of this wood cutter. Shyamala Dandakam is perhaps the greatest stotra written by him eulogizing the mother goddess –Shyamala. He has employed a poetic style called Dandakam.

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Victory to the Divine Mother whose beautiful cheeks are lighted up by the moonlight-like lustre from the daneakam of pearls adorning the short curly hair playing on her forehead and the melody from the Veena ahyamala made denser by the humming of honey-bees which are attracted by the fragrance arising from the patterns of kasturi made on her cheeks.

If he meditates on you as having a red complexion, all men and women will be under his spell.

Shyamala Dandakam

Archived from the original on July. You would find this post useful http meaningof wordom Reply Pointer Men Basketball says October at pm Maybe should edit the subject title Sanskrit Shlokas that every Hindu preserve and know SpeakBindas more generic for your blog create. You are worshipped by groups of yakshas, gandharvas and shiddhas. I meditate on the daughter of Matanga Who plays veena made precious gems has become lazy due to her exuberance is blessed with very sweet words pretty mien which shines like blue.

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Shyamala Dandakam By Maha Kavi Kalidasa Shyamala

Ghantasala first break singer came dandskam All Dancakam Radio. You are propitiated by the wives of devas who desire for themselves all the good things in life. Victory to the Divine Mother who is one without a second, whose compassion is always ascendant and whose both hands surpass the beauty of the blooming lotus in the early morning.


May the Mother, who is dark as the marakata gemstone, who is the daughter of Matanga maharshi, who is exuberant, who is auspicious and who abides in the kadamba forest, cast on me the glances from her eye-corners.

Log in to Reply. Click here to get tothe Master Index from where you can access more shyamaala posts. If a devotee meditates on you as holding in your hands the crystal akshamala, the book of supreme knowledge, the goad and the rope, from his mouth will emerge all knowledge in the form of poetry and prose.

Every year the anniversaries of his birth and death are celebrated in India overseas.

Victory to the Divine Mother the beauty of whose eyes, undulating because of the inebriation caused by imbibing somarasa, surpasses the beauty of the blue lily worn on her ears, who is of dark blue complexion, who fulfils the desires of all the people, who is without blemish and who gives riches as the fruit of worshiping her.

Sai Mathangi Please bring light to my life and all who are truly purely devoted you. Please print it Devnagari. Victory to the Divine Mother who is seated on the dais of pretty nine jewels, whose throne is of diamonds, who is served by the shamkha and padma nidhis, who is famous, who is accompanied by Ganesha, Durga, Vatu and Kshetrapala, who has the company of intoxicated matanga kanyas, who is surrounded by the eight bhairavas, who is honoured by Manjula, Menaka and other celestial damsels, who is served by saktis like Vama, eight saktis of Dhatri ,Lakshmi and others, who is worshipped by the seven mothers, yakshas, gandharvas and the siddhanganas, who is surrounded by bhairavies, who is the very soul of Kama, who is honoured by Kama and Rati and who is propitiated by Vasanta who enjoys her affection.

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Before Ghantasala found fame he was already accomplished Carnatic music singer. It is the biginning and end of our existence on earth. Victory to the Divine Mother whose gait is leisurely, who is the repository of all fine arts, whose neck is like the conch emerging from the milky ocean of the high tide of beauty caused by the rising moon of freshness of youth, delicate and beautiful.

Victory to the daughter of Matanga.


Found at Aihole located in presentday Karnataka. I bookmarked your page here so that could return to reference the other chants and mantras have. Meaning Guru can save us from the pangs of ignorance darkness by applying to balm knowledge awareness Supreme salute such. If he meditates on you as having golden complexion, he will sport with thousands of Lakshmis i.

Shyamala Dandakam Upanyasam (Full Song) – Vasundara Devi – Download or Listen Free Online – Saavn

Ghantasala was peerless at Padyam renderings and his way with the Telugu incomparable. Grateful for the sloka with meaning. Victory to the Divine Mother who is as cool as the moonlight and the expanse and beauty of whose hip, adorned with a mekhala which shines with red stones, surpasses the expanse and beauty of the plateau of the golden mountain Meru.

I first learned about Raja Matangi from the book Sree Paadha Shree Vallabha Charitramrutam where couples worship to be blessed with Happy married life. Chandran made the Tamil movie Mahakavi Kalidas based on sa life.

The deer are deluded into thinking, by the texture and colour of the hair, that it is green durva grass. Definitely would love to receive your help.