December 10, 2018


Step Across This Line: Collected Nonfiction [Salman Rushdie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. To cross a frontier is to be. For all their permeability, the borders snaking across the world have never been of greater importance. This is the dance of history in our age: slow. I previous enjoyed reading Salman Rushdie’s first book of essays Imaginary Homelands, so I thought I would also read Step Across This Line: Collected Essays.

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To actually not lose in our victory by giving in to fear of the hands muffling our mouths determined not to let the voices be heard. Suicidist assassins ram wide-bodied aircraft into the World Trade Center and Pentagon and kill thousands of people: And mostly, you will find if you do not, that your tenets have been strongly challenged. May 07, Newnoob rated it liked it Shelves: How long will we chase after the money dangled before us by people with bloody hands? This book seems to be a lot of writing about the same subjects.

Step Across This Line begins and ends with stories for children. Love feels more and more like the only subject. Sep 10, Pages. Collected Nonfiction p. Many people say that the Rushdie case is a one-off, that it will never be repeated.

I had never before thought that the Wizard of Oz was worthy of serious consideration. His view of geopolitics has that Occidental tone of the “civilizing West” vs. Sep 20, Paige rated it really liked it. Faced with death threats and a fatwa religious edict issued by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, then Supreme Leader of Iran, which called for him to be killed, he spent nearly a decade largely underground, appearing in public only sporadically.

Which made going back and reading the earlier portions of the book that much richer to me. There must be argument, and it must be impassioned and untrammelled. Very few writers possess it. I understand why they picked the picture they did, and the title, because they come from the last essay in the book, which is about the blurring of borders and how we are a world of migrants and we need to fight the terrorists with our freedoms and modernity and whatnot.


The only previous exposure other than popular media I’d had was the excellent and sadly OOP audiobook version of Haroun and the Sea of Storiesread by the author. It all ties together and it all matters. His fourth novel, The Satanic Versesled to protests from Muslims in several countries, some of which were violent.

Sir Salmon Rushdie is one of my most favorite, still living writers. I return to John Stuart Mill. Published September 30th by Modern Library first published And the Taj Mahal is, beyond the power of words to say it, a lovely thing, perhaps the loveliest of thing.

That process I enjoyed thoro I’m an absolute fan of Salman Rushdie, and my intention to eventually make my way through everything he’s written. Oct 12, Todd Wilhelm rated it really liked it. Rushdie is oft accused of egotism, but what qualities, coupled with a great sense of humor and appreciation for rock music, could be less pretentious? Paperbackpages.

Home thoughts from abroad

I would like nothing more than to spend a week with him in India, so that I may be strictly, categorically humbled by my ignorance of it; as he writes in his essay on the Taj Mahal, I wo Rushdie has an enviable body of work, into which he’s breathed his vast, vivifying wit, clarity, and intelligence; at once worldly and place-bound, parochial and ruhdie, his writings – novels, essays, etc. He is, as ever, the angry atheist, but the section titled “The Acrows Years” certainly explains his rage.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Most of all, however, they carry the weight of his genius. It is noteworthy that his concerns and gratitude include the security stp who shared his risks and lost time with family members to keep him safe. Now, here on television is his widow, her Hindi even more broken than his, a woman convinced of her right to rule but convincing almost nobody except herself.


It struck me as a potpourri of subjects, each essay different from its neighbors. What salmzn incandescent combination of form and freedom.

Step Across This Line Summary –

I will never think of the Oz story the same way. Salman Rushdie is one of my favorite authors. And the quote on the front is awful “This book is full of so much that is ‘relevant’ that the very word seems inadequate” – Los Angeles Times. All three were attacked by the storm troopers of bigotry. Rushdie reminded me of the value of thinking about traditional children’s stories. Two lives, but non I can afford to lose, for one loss would end both.

Divided into 4 parts, the first part is by far the best with Rushdie discussin With great ealman comes great responsibility, goes the saying. A compelling read, and makes up for the slightly antiquated writing of the third part I’m an absolute fan of Salman Rushdie, and my intention to eventually make my way through everything he’s written.

Oct 20, Georgia Roybal rated it liked it. But it’s characteristic that he should, all the same, be so absorbed in childhood stories, fables, memories, and homes. Among the other boarders he will cross are death, politics, literature and fame.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. He has nothing but honourable gratitude, however, for his protectors and supporters. Like his first collection Imaginary HomelandsI do not think that this is essentially reading for anyone but linw Rushdie fans, but the collection stands out as a commentary on Rushdie’s place in the current literary scene.

Some times you have to remind yourself that he has earned the right to be self-aggrandising. Step Across This Line: