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1 Jan Abstract. Energy management programs are vital to the economic life of any industry and heat recovery boilers play a dominant role in those. Waste heat boiler deskbook. Front Cover. V. Ganapathy. Fairmont Press, Jan 1, – Technology & Engineering – pages. Covers the design and application of waste heat boilers for industrial, cogeneration and municipal solid waste applications. Real-life case studies aid the.

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Basically HRSGs can be classified into two broad categories: How to compute the dew points of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrobromic acid, nitric acid?

Waste Heat Boiler Deskbook – V. Ganapathy – Google Books

If for instance, we have methane, propane, and nitrogen in the fuel, nitrogen has the number 12 see the list of gases in the results, Figure b and is the largest. Gas turbine cogeneration or combined-cycle plants, for example, produce both of these emissions, and regulations pertaining to them are very strict.

For eeskbook, auxiliary firing in gas turbine HRSGs is discussed in depth with examples on computing fuel requirements, oxygen consumption, impact on system efficiency and emissions. The front end of the boiler has several rows of wide spaced slag screen tubes, which helps minimize bridging of tubes by molten slag; this is a combination of several salts of sodium and potassium which have low melting points.

If it shows an increasing trend, there is fouling and a shut down cleaning is warranted. Through the processing of MSW into RDF removes much of the unwanted non-combustible materials, serious maintenance problems have been caused particularly with the stoker. Bypass damper scheme for gas turbine HRSGs.

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The overall heat transfer coefficient Uo for bare tubes is given by: F C 92 6. Thus Equation gives reasonably good results for purposes of quick estimates. Leakage is not a serious concern in tubular 92 Waste Heat Boiler Deskbook heaters, but they are large in size and hence heavy due to the low overall heat transfer coefficient.

Ganapathy, “Evaluating waste heat recovery projects,” Hydrocarbon processing, Aug 6. The gas heat-transfer coefficient is small, about Btul ft 2 h OFcompared to the outside coefficient of 2, Btul ft 2 h OF.

The gas pressure decreases by nearly 3. The boiler surfaces have to be located inside large pressure vessels if a water tube design is used, wase it very expensive. Separation of steam bubbles from the mixture can occur due to low tube side velocities, resulting in stratification and burnout.

There are several other applications of heat recovery systems not discussed here due to lack of space, but an attempt has been made to discuss the important applications and types of waste heat boilers. The following conclusions may be drawn: With high tube side coefficients as in hydrogen plants, it is prudent to compute Uo and qo at the tube sheet inlet.

In favor of natural circulation, one can say that the concerns about high heat flux and DNB are less due to the vertical orientation of evaporator tubes, which provide a natural path for the steam bubbles to move; in a forced circulation design, the tubes are horizontal and the heat flux for incidence of DNB is much lower.


One way is specify on the basis of the area.

Waste heat boiler deskbook

From Appendix E on gas properties, at the film temperature of. High particulate loadings and slagging result in heavy fouling at the front end, which is carried down to the end of convection section if cleaning is not proper. It will be seen later that with bare tubes, inline arrangement is preferred as the increment in heat transfer coefficient bpiler staggered arrangement is not that significant compared to the increase in gas pressure drop.

Depending on the type of incinerator and the velocity of combustion air in the combustion zone, ash particulates can get carried away with the flue gas; this could be on the order of a 0. How does the given boiler perform under these conditions? Calculate APi from Equation However, the Waste Heat Boiler Deskbook pressure drops and tube geometries are different.

Waste heat boiler deskbook – PDF Free Download

Any two of the three variables NLand di determine thermal performance, as well as gas pressure drop. Scheme of refuse recovery system. Let us assume that hc,h n remain unchanged, though they would be slightly more due to the higher average gas temperature in the boiler. The tube length depends on the duty. The RDF is fired in a boiler furnace using a traveling grate, fluidised bed, rotary combustor or other systems.