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Squasga the above the Referee may award a stroke to a player who has been distracted if that player could have played a winning return but for the distraction. Winning A Rally 8. Such balls will be deemed for the purposes of this specification to be yellow dot squash balls.

Although the Referee may undertake the duties of the Marker as well, the WSF recommends that separate zasadt carry out the two roles. The offending player shall retain any zasafy already scored in the game awarded.

Where there is a significant effect, the Referee shall stop play and apply Rule A time period prescribed by the Rules for a delay in play. Where each game is to nine points, the player who scores nine points wins the game, except that on the score reaching eight-all the receiver shall choose, before the server delivers the next service to continue that game either to nine points known as “Set one” or to eleven points known as “Set three”.

The lowest horizontal marking on the front wall, with the tin beneath it covering the full width of the court. To indicate that the service is a bry.

– Zasady gry w squasha (english)

The use of officials is not covered in this abbreviated version. There is no requirement that a player needs to be two points ahead to win zasavy game.

A line on the front wall between the board and the out line, extending the full width of the court. Did the opponent make every effort to avoid interference?

In that case a player must appeal immediately after the rally. If the bleeding recurs, for which recovery time has already been allowed, the Referee shall allow no further recovery time except that the player may concede the game in progress and use the second interval between games for recovery.


– Oficjalne zasady gry w wersji angielskiej

A Referee accepting any form of appeal other zzsady the standard “Let please” or “Appeal please” must be satisfied that the player is actually making an appeal.

The Referee must announce all decisions to the players on the court and must make all calls squashs a voice loud enough to be heard on the court and in the gallery. A unit of the scoring system. When a player shapes to play the ball on one side and then brings the racquet across the body to take the ball on the other side, it is neither turning nor making a further attempt and, if interference occursRule 12 applies.

If the bleeding was caused solely by the opponent, the Referee shall immediately award the match to the player. If the opponent is struck by the ball after the striker has turned, the rally is awarded to the opponent.

This position frequently occurs after the ball has hit the side wall and the front wall simultaneously and then rebounds into the middle of the court. G16 Progression of Penalties. STRIKER The player whose turn it is to hit the ball after it has rebounded from the front wall, or who is in the process of hitting the ball, or who – up to the point of the return reaching the front wall – has just hit the ball.

The system is known as the 2-Referee system. If player unable to continue award the injured player the match.

squash, kluby, kort, przepisy gry, turnieje, kort, rakiety

In the latter case the player who scores two more points wins the game. If the player requests additional recovery time beyond 3 minutes, the Referee shall require the injured player to concede one game, accept the second time interval between games and then zasafy play or concede the match. The Marker shall call “Game ball” to indicate that the server requires one point to win the game in suqasha or “Match ball” to indicate that the server requires one point to win the match.

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At eight-all the receiver non-server has to choose to play either to nine points known as “Set One” or to ten points known as “Set Two”.

If the visible bleeding continues at the end of this second interval the player shall concede the match. No specifications are set for faster or slower speeds of ball, which may be used by players of greater or lesser ability or in court conditions which are hotter or colder than those used to determine the yellow dot specification.

If another court is available and the original court remains unsuitable for play, the Referee may transfer the match to it. In addition to lets allowed grt other rules, the Referee may or shall allow lets in certain other cases. Marker zasasy call score without delay.

Rule 13 – Lets. The score shall stand. Conversely, if the opponent had ample time to clear but made no effort to do so, or deliberately moved thereby creating the interference, the Referee shall award a stroke to the player.