November 29, 2018


Manache Shlok – 1 to ganadheesh jo eesh sarva gunaancha। mularambh aarambh to nirgunaancha॥ namu sharada mool chatvar vacha। gamu panth. The most popular book ‘Manache Shlok or Manobodh’ includes shloka as defined in the indian culture and provided inspiring messages for everyone. “Shri Manache Shlok” written by Samarth Ramdas Swami. – Manache Shlok with search (Go to specific shlok section) – English Translation – Audio. Read more.

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Goddess Gouri and God Har always remember him.

Let us always speak politely. Let our mind have love and care for others. Sinful thoughts should not come to our mind.

Let us shun bad action and jealousy. He is serious in his work.

But people dont understand this. He will give you happiness and salvation. He who has an agitated mind becomes calm after remembering Lord Rama. None is comparable to Lord Rama.

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Wonderful are the results for those who abide by his qualities. If we think anything we like then we are not going to realise God. Let us understand our true self.

Let us shun false imaginations. Social media us good when used properly. Let our mind be full of love. Let us learn to rise above the temperament of the moment. One should work for good cause.

Manache Shlok Full Meaning part 1 – Video Dailymotion

This path will lead us to Shri Hari. Partial Solar Meainng is coming and here’s how it will affect your Zodiac Sign. God Shiva remembers Lord Rama after having all knowledge, detachment and power.

Let us remember the protector of the afflicted. A prostitute has her parrot’s name as Rama. Let us be alert and devoted while working with the people.

||Marathi manAche shlok with meaning ||

Let us renounce the cravings for wealth and wife. Let us avoid actions that will lead to incurring sin.


Let us always stick to the good behaviour. He always remembered Rama.

Manache shlok by Swami Ramdas I

They are of no use. God Shiva always remembers Lord Rama. Only the person of good action is held in esteem in this world. When we get confused while arguing then we should understand that we are wrong. God Shiva fondly remembers him. So no shloj can explain it logically. He wants to know where the God will reside when our body falls. Let us transform our conscious that is dull into an alert one.