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9 Aug Tegel Manor – Revised & Expanded Edition – Tegel Manor – Second Edition ( Gamscience Version) A huge haunted house with a 6 Nov by Gabor Lux “Designed by generations of mad wizards and insane geniuses, Tegel Manor, a great manor-fortress on a windswept and. Tegel Manor has 7 ratings and 2 reviews. TTocs said: A friend bought this Judges Guild Module for our dungeons and dragons group back in the early 80’s.

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This is a scan of an old harcopy – it is a bit hard to read in places and that hurts the overall rating. Judges Guild, reformed under the lead of Bob Jr. So what happened to it: Finally, I worked in a way through which the PCs could win the encounter without killing a high-HD opponent or running.

Subscribe to get the free product of the week! The ten-dollar words and elaborate decriptions are ,anor although as I wrote, this may also be achieved with more economical word usewhile alliterations are Bledsawian, and therefore used often throughout the text e. What followed was half a year of work. One common misconception is about that list of Rumps.

I start PCs on 3rd level in most campaigns. Just imagine what does this mean.


Tegel Manor – Revised & Expanded Edition – Judges Guild |

Customers who bought this title also purchased. Rereading my draft, I should have been less flowery and limited flavour to a few expressive adjectives.

Enclosed in the product is a page booklet with room and monster descriptions. If I were in their place, I would have done it we did this a lot in our early campaigns.

Ghost Review: Tegel Manor

Now that is a place where I will admit nostalgia fully applies. For more recent editions, there is still not too much, but this is compensated for by relatively generous magic item allocation.

The correspondence of Mr. The scan is okay, about the same for products of this age. Of course, it proved to be less intuitive than he believed. Nonetheless, the document was basically ready for editing.

Tegel Manor (convention edition)

It is a very low production values product, but absolutely top-notch in ideas and likely gameplay. Common monsters were listed to avoid constantly referencing the MM. Bledsaw gone, I worry that JG will pass into the happy memories of us older gamers.

It should be sold on its own merits. I regret that your work on the Tegel Manor conversion never saw light of day. Sadly, Necromancer Games seems to have lost interest in pursuing the line, and with Mr.

It is also a special place because the foes form a cohesive unit if the DM wants them to, maybe supplemented with the arch-wizard Pandemule one of the most manlr NPCs in the dungeon except for the liches. S’mon January 9, at 4: Main design goals and methods: It must be said that there is a certain Castlevania -esque feel to the whole thing, which is a huge plus in my book. We had had problems with a couple of Judges Guild modules in the past that were purchased and proved to be mostly useless for our group.


I even tried to build a dungeon based on the idea with the very original name of Tegel-Nor! Teegel portraits also provide the wandering monsters for the mansion as all of the mostly undead Rumps are still living there Our party went from one end of the mansion to gegel other, through the basement and out again in four tegsl five long sessions.

In conclusion, there is no one to blame for the eventual failure: Dec 01, TTocs rated it it was amazing. These products were created by scanning an original printed edition.