November 29, 2018


The User Illusion has ratings and 61 reviews. Richard Tor Norretranders is Denmark’s leading science writer with a track record of best sellers. It follows. An Excerpt from The User Illusion, By Tor Norretranders. The fact is that every single second, millions of bits of information flood in through our senses. But our . The User Illusion, by Tor Norretranders. Norretranders is a Danish science journalist, who attempts to tie together the results of several scientists into an.

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The User Illusion

Paperbackpages. As engaging as it is insightful, this important book encourages us to rely more on what our instincts and our senses tell us so that we can better appreciate the richness of human life.

That is one piece of spurious misinformation we must all now work to forget. When the author finally gets around to talking about consciousness, he does a really good job.

The author makes inappropriate connections between many disciplines, mostly by misusing terms shared across these fields. Knowledge becomes scientific knowledge only after it is told in a way that allows other people to reproduce that knowledge.

We do not experience the sensation.

Oct 01, Yevgeniy Brikman rated it it was amazing. Oct 22, Mr. The ‘user illusion’ as my colleagues and I called it at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, is the simplified myth everyone builds to explain and make guesses about the system’s actions and what should be done next.


THE USER ILLUSION by Tor Norretranders | Kirkus Reviews

It draws from many fields of study including psychology, biology, information tje, philosophy, and physics. For instance, what you perceive via your senses is often not reality, but your subconsciousness’s interpretation of reality. For anyone who reads a fair number of popular science books there are a lot of familiar names, typically well explained and often presented in an original way or with genuinely useful insights.

Looking for More Great Reads? The user is interested only in what the uder illusion presents: Conscious experiences possess depth: The world just is.

It’s still a very good book I feel both more and less of a human for the “I” and the “Me” that this body I have contains. A mass of sensory information has been discarded before conscious awareness occurs — and this sensory information is not presented.

You could summarise The User Illusion ‘s thesis on a single page. We apply our knowledge to glean the useful information illision the sense impressions, and also use our knowledge to reconstruct the meaning of language. There is almost nothing to digest, no bones and fibre to discard during and afterward. Be the first to discover new talent!

The User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to Size

Can we explain everything that happens to us or around us? I happened to stumble suer this book through Quora. Its a completely different way to view the ego in representation to both the social community and to the unconscious “me” that presides over much of our actions.

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Throwing Away Information Chapter usre But there were a thousand different ones beside it, and the sculptor alone is to thank for having extricated this one from the rest. The work fits together so many concepts from other things I’ve read, whether or not the author had the same background as me. The point of psychotherapy for the individual is the lesson: Table of Contents The User Illusion. Retrieved from ” https: I liked the relations between the mind and other physics that I can observe, I feel like I know so many new connections.

Therefore, there may be phenomena that exist beyond our peripheries, beyond what consciousness could create to isolate or norretraanders them.

We do not experience the enormous mental work we do when we experience. Yes it is possible to reduce consciousness for example to a simpler, physical or mathematical description, but only by throwing away most of what we know, and we cannot reconstruct consciousness from the resulting illudion description.

If you’re okay with going on long tangents to explore the idea of consciousness, then this book is for you.